Adrie (left) Alfons (right)
Adrie (left) Alfons (right), in front the skeleton reconstructions of Homo floresiensis and Australopithecus "Lucy"

At school all we were good at was drawing. We never read, we only looked at the pictures in the books. Human evolution was what interested us. We made clay models of drawings or we copied drawings of fossils and skulls. We still do. 

We are identical twins and always sat opposite of each other to draw, which means you have always got your main competitor breathing down your neck. But the advantage is that you keep each other on your toes.

No one spots any stylistic difference in our work, because the mix of our two styles forms one complex whole. We only create animals and humans that really existed and they have to be scientifically accurate. Alongside, we enhance our reconstructions with personal touches, achieving a unique and distinctive result each time.