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vpn for windows 98Love them as much as we may – and we do here at VPNMentor – our experience is that not all of our privacy-vending friends are as honest as we’d like to see them be.We were very happy about this; we are not looking to tarnish anyone’s reputation, simply protect those we serve by telling them the facts.In the end, while I do think it is in their best interest to respect refund requests, I have to respect their policy.online vpn onHere are our findings: Hall of Fame Hall of Shame To HMA, Ivacy, MyIP.To our surprise, quite a few of the VPNs we signed up with were, in fact, happy to give us refunds.To date, we still have not heard anything back.vpn for mac 10.10.5

pia vpn synologyAs you can see, just like with most businesses, there are those that have no problem giving a refund with virtually no questions asked, there are those who flat out refuse to refund (legitimately or not), and there are those in between, who either ignore requests or make you wait for exorbitant amounts of time, which is almost as bad.Tvpn free online terbaik aunyhe latter, in my opinion, is in no ones best interest as it is extremely unprofessional, and while iPrivatoria We are not thrilled that they denied us a refund, but they there are some extenuating circumstances that somewhat justify their actions.windscribe vpn browser extensionHere are our findings: Hall of Fame Hall of Shame To HMA, Ivacy, MyIP.However, many VPN companies are big on renewing a subscription without being told explicitly to do so once the month-lvpn free online terbaik aunyong subscription has ended.In response to my request, I received a pleasant email asking me to explain any issues I might be having, as well as a link to their refund policy page.get vpn for firestick

hotspot shield full crack vn zoomI must clarify, when I say “cancel.” Privatoria does not, so this certainly counts in their defense.To add insult to injury, after still having not heard back, I received an invoice telling me that I will be automatically charged for my second month of service in 15 days.radmin vpn videoHowever, they ignored our request for refund, to which we gently replied that we would still like a refund and have not installed nor used vpn free online terbaik aunytheir VPN.We are aware that just because someone says you are entitled to your money back if you are not satisfied, that they will honor this promise.” The policy does, in fact, outline legitimate reasons for refund and unfortunately for me, a change in heart is not amongst them.mcafee vpn ports

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