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nordvpn vs avast secureline vpnVirtual 8Belts gift cards to be shared with friends were also accessible via the exposed S3 bucket.We also offered our assistance in closing the breach before malicious hackers discovered it.The following screenshot, taken from within 8Bavast secureline error avvtelts’ S3 bucket, shows a snippet of a CSV file listing the private data of 1,000s of 8Belts users, along with what appears to be the email addresses of 8Belts employees.what is the best free vpn extension for chromeBy not doing so, 8Belts jeopardized the security not just of its users, but also the company itself.A company with such a large, global user base must take aavast secureline error avvtll necessary steps to protect its customers’ privacy and keep them safe from hacking or other forms of attack.Along with exposing user PII data, these logs also revealed considerable technical information that could be exploited by hackers to gain further access to 8Belts’ platform.free vpn netflix bypab

best free mobile vpn for netflixStored in CSV format, each of these lists contained the different forms of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data for individual 8Belts users.company and presented our findings.On its website, 8Belts boasts some of the biggest and most well known multinational companies as clients, including: Bridgestone Decathlon Deloitte Huawei Inditex PricewaterhouseCoopers Real Madrid Renault Santander Just like with individual users, 8Belts stored the avast secureline error avvtPII data of users from their corporate clients within the exposed S3 bucket.vpn that allows you to watch netflixExample #2: 8Belts course certificate of completion Example #3: Virtual 8Belts gift card The exposed S3 bucket also contained site logs detailing how 8Belavast secureline error avvtts integrates with external CRM systems.However, in this case, many people used their company work email addresses to sign up.Impact on 8Belts Users With so much of their PII data exposed, 8Belts users could be targeted by cybercriminals in many ways.opera browser vpn windows 10

tunnelbear vpn para que sirveFurthermore, with details of a user’s course history anavast secureline error avvtd activity on 8Belts, cybercriminals could create highly effective phishing campaigns to defraud useThe S3 bucket was still live at the time of our investigation, with new records being created even as we were determining the severity of the breach and verifying 8Belts as the bucket’s owner.Records included data from residents in almost every country on the planet, across six continents.how to use american netflix with vpnThe earliest records stated from 2017 and included long lists of 8Belt user details.The exposed employee PII data could have created a significant security risk for the companies, as hackers could use employee emails to attack a company’s entire corporate network infrastructure.Along with exposing user PII data, these logs also revealed considerable technical information that could be exploited by hackers to gain further access to 8Belts’ platform.nordvpn korean netflix

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